About Our Courses

Dawat-e-Islami arranges many short courses for the learning of Farz Uloom (Compulsory Knowledge) for Islamic Brothers & Islamic Sisters regularly throughout the whole world.

In South Yorkshire these courses are organised around the Masjids on a regular basis. Not only books but presentations are made on screens and hand outs are given for those who attend so that they can review what they have learnt. These courses are made very simple to learn and are taught by experience Islamic Brothers & Sisters.

Some of the courses that have been taught and will be repeated are:
1. Funeral Rites course (Bathing & Shrouding) including Practical demo
2. Funeral Rites Course (Salah-tul-Janaza & Burial)
3. Funeral Rites (Inheritance)
4. Farz Uloom
5. Salah course
6. Purification course
7. Hajj & Umrah
If you wish to find out about a course near you, please contact us.